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Seaway Supply...A History of Reliability in Janitorial Supplies

A lot has changed since 1966, when the cost of a postage stamp was 5 cents, a gallon of gas was 32 cents, and the average income was just shy of $7,000.
But one thing has remained the same since that time ... Seaway Supply Co. still operates with an emphasis on delivering more than just janitorial supplies. It continues to bring you the best janitorial products and equipment for the best price ... along with consultation, accountability and reliability.

Seaway Supply Old Truck
Original Seaway Supply Storefront

Many people ask the question … how did the company get the name of Seaway Supply Co. when it is located just outside Chicago? 

In the 1960s a group of building engineers considered a business plan to import dress suits from Hong Kong and felt the name "Seaway Trading Company" was an appropriate name for the company.

However, not one single suit was ever imported ... instead, one of the partners decided he would start his own supply company to provide products to the building engineers. He bought out the partners to save the incorporation expenses and changed the name to Seaway Engineering Supply or S.E.S.

In 1995 the current owner, Tom Engoren, purchased the company and soon after changed the name to Seaway Supply Co.  When he bought the company, it was in a small store front.

As business grew, so did the need for more space. The cozy janitorial supply storefront on W. North Avenue in Oak Park. IL moved several times over the years to accommodate the need for more space, but always stayed in the geographic area.

Current Seaway Supply building






Today’s Seaway Supply Co. has 30,000 square foot  warehouse that is centrally located to major expressways and services a 35 mile radius of downtown Chicago.

The staff at Seaway Supply has a combined 75 years of janitorial and maintenance supply experience to answer your questions and provide the best maintenance solution for the best price.

Call Seaway Supply Co. with your cleaning and maintenance needs and see the difference a company built on nearly 50 years of good, honest business can make in your business.

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Meet the Team at Seaway Supply Co.

Tom Engoren, President

Tom Engoren President Seaway SupplyWe deliver confidence in every purchase you make as you are assured that you are getting the best facility maintenance product at the best price.

When you purchase from Seaway Supply, you have access to a team of janitorial and maintenance supply specialists with over 75 years of cleaning experience. 

We are constantly looking at new products and techniques and add inventory only after we are personally satisfied with performance and price.

Our reputation has been built over nearly 50 years of providing janitorial and facility maintenance products to the Chicagoland area.  We go out of our way to keep a customer for life.  In fact, we have many customers who have known us for decades.

If you are a current customer, we thank you for your business and trust. If you don’t know us, we invite you to give us a call and let us help solve your maintenance problems.

Tom Engoren
email Tom

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Jorge Saenz, General Manager

Jorge Saenz General Manager Seaway“It was about 13 years ago when I started working at Seaway Supply and started learning all the particulars about the JanSan industry. Today, I fill a number of roles for the company, but particularly enjoy the opportunity to meet with customers, show them new products, and train their workers.

I’m known by two names at Seaway .. by my given name, Jorge, and also by George. Since I'm bi-lingual, I'm often asked to provide training in English (as George) and Spanish (as Jorge).

It doesn’t matter to me which name customers call me by, but some new customers are sometimes confused and think I’m two different people ... just ask for George, spelled Jorge!

What some customers may not realize about Seaway is that Tom creates an environment that makes it a family. We care about our customers in the same way we do about our co-workers. We all support each other and work towards the common goal of finding the best janitorial solutions at the best price.

Feel free to call Seaway at any time to discuss your cleaning and maintenance requirements. It’s always great to hear from facility managers, BSCs and in-house staff who are working with maintenance challenges that we help solve.”

e-Mail Jorge

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Gary Cumbo - Seaway Supplies Dave Standdard, Seaway Supplies Operations
Gary Cumbo, Sales Manager
Dave Stannard, Operations Manager

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