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IN A WORLD OF little blue birds and a race to see how many "likes" one can get, Seaway Supply Co. embraces the value of good, honest business.

You need to keep your areas clean, so it is critical to know your equipment is reliable and will do a superior job. Seaway Supply Co. will deliver that reliability and quality with the best janitorial supply products and facility maintenance supplies at the most competitive prices in the local area. It is how we've done business for more than 50 years and how we continue to cultivate our long-term partnerships.

Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Throughout Chicago

Toilet paper, garbage-can liners and everyday cleaning products are the most common items when it comes to janitorial supplies, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. After browsing our catalog, you will see we carry over 30,000 SKUs with a full range of products related to industrial, office, safety, food service and janitorial supplies - from burnishers to brooms, stone care products to sanitizers and everything in-between. At Seaway Supply Co., you'll find whatever you need with us and possibly receive free shipping within a 45-mile radius.

We fulfill orders quickly and efficiently due in part to our 30,000+ square foot warehouse in Maywood, which is centrally located to the entire Chicagoland area. We reach from the North Side to the South Side and beyond. With our massive inventory situated so close to locations spanning several industries, we're well-equipped to keep up with modern demands. Free and fast-shipping should become the goal with most business transactions, and we will meet your requirements with on-time delivery of facility maintenance products you require.

To set ourselves apart from our competition, we employ experienced personnel who are familiar with the latest janitorial techniques.

Chicago Janitorial Equipment Maintenance

Our skillful technicians can help minimize your downtime if your machine fails as well. Once you call us with your inquiry, we'll establish the ideal way to get your equipment repaired. We can come to your location and pick it up, or you're free to bring it by our warehouse and drop it off to our equipment repair team.

We'll perform intricate diagnostics to determine every possible issue, and then we'll discuss the results with you and offer potential solutions to consider. Our goal is to surpass your expectations of quality and affordability while keeping you informed on the project's cost.

Once you feel comfortable with the proposed solution to your problem, we'll order the necessary parts and complete the repairs. When everything is fixed, we'll establish a convenient time for pick-up or delivery.

We'll Be Your Trusted Janitorial Supplier

Where can you find commercial janitorial supplies near you? At Seaway Supply Co.

Our team has nearly 100 years of janitorial and maintenance supply experience in the Chicagoland area. Our capabilities, expertise and local knowledge will become apparent immediately when you reach out. We make it our goal to personalize every aspect of service to increase precision and inspire comfort. Our knowledgeable customer service team will answer your questions, and to remain as personable as possible, our president, Tom Engoren, is often readily available to communicate with you as well.

Overall, these aspects make a difference in your bottom line, as we find the most effective, most economical solutions to your facility needs. If you'd like to discuss our janitorial supplies and services in additional detail, contact us today by calling 708-216-0000 or filling out an online submission form.

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