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Janitorial Product Videos: Chicago

Check out theĀ brand-new Advance SC100 Upright Scrubber!

Trade the mop & bucket for the new, easy-to-use SC100. Check out how this unique scrubber provides flexibility and efficiency.

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We carry Spartan chemicals because Spartan "Makes Cleaning Simple." Check out the company's newest video, "We Make Clean Simple." Make sure you ask us about our full Spartan line of cleaning products and the Clean Check Training System.

How indestructible is your dispenser? Check out the torture that this von Drehle dispenser goes through and just keeps “ticking.”

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See how this High School in Minnesota has saved labor, reduced water consumption, and easily expanded its floor cleaning of 256,000 to 410,000 square feet with no additional staff required. The Advance EcoFlex system is the key, with on-board detergent dispenser.

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Colonial Bag Degradable Bags

Download this brochure that answers questions about DeGrade-Away 100% degradable bags and how they break down in 2 mos. to 5 years (depending on landfill conditions) instead of up to 100 years that it takes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) normal plastic bags.


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