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Commercial Paper & Liners In Chicago

Imagine it's Black Friday, and thousands of people are lined up outside your store to take advantage of your big sales. However, inside, your employees are scrambling because you don't have enough commercial toilet paper for all your bathrooms. Worse yet, halfway through the day you find yourself out of toilet paper and paper towels, your garbage cans are overflowing and the bags lining them are ripping and leaking everywhere.

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von Drehle manufactures an extensive selection of towel and tissue products and dispensers.

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Bags and liners for all institutional and industrial needs including food grade, healthgrade isolation, and speciality needs from Colonial Bag.

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Pitt Plastics manufactures a complete line of commercial can liners. Our stock offering provides a variety of choices for your needs, including high density, linear low, light duty or heavy duty.

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If this story sounds familiar to you, or you just need to find a reliable company to buy wholesale paper products and can liners from in Chicago, Seaway Supply Co. can help. We have a variety of bulk paper products for sale in Chicago, from bath tissue to liners. We'll work with you to identify which products are best for your company, then we'll help you order in bulk so that you never have to worry about running out again.

Our Wholesale Toilet Tissue in Chicago

Every company is different, and we have high-quality brands of toilet tissue for every industry. Our one-ply and two-ply away-from-home toilet paper in Chicago includes brands such as Von Drehle, Scott, Cottonelle, Green Heritage, Charmin, and more. If your business is focused on green initiatives, you'll be happy to know that we carry environmentally friendly options you can purchase in bulk, such as:

Purchase Liners in Bulk

If you don't empty your trash cans every day, you may find that they're overflowing and creating unsanitary conditions in your bathrooms or other areas around your business. Fortunately, with a supply of bulk liners from Seaway Supply Co., you can feel confident that you'll always have the right liners for your trash cans. You can easily avoid unpleasant odors, spills, and unwanted trash on the floor by working with our team to select the right can liners for your needs.

Our selection of liners includes:

Why Buy in Bulk?

Whether it's Black Friday at a store or a normal day in your office, you never want to run out of trash can liners or toilet tissue. Don't create panic for your employees or patrons with stocked toilet tissues or paper towels. Buying in bulk assures peaceful and pleasant experiences both in the restrooms and all around your business.

At Seaway Supply Co., our goal is to provide bulk paper products for sale in Chicago that make it easy to keep all areas of your business clean and compliant. We serve the entire Chicagoland area and strive to fulfill orders quickly thanks to the room we have in our 30,000+ square foot warehouse.

We carry everything from bathroom tissue to garbage can liners and other everyday cleaning products. With over 30,000 SKUs, we have the products you're looking for from top brands. This wide variety ensures you can shop for all the bulk paper products you need in one convenient place.

Seaway Company Co. Works for You

When you're looking for bulk toilet paper for sale in Chicago, you can trust Seaway Supply Co. Our team has almost 100 years of combined sanitation and maintenance supply experience. This level of expertise makes us a staple in the Chicagoland area for commercial paper and liners. Our core goals are communication and integrity — even our president, Tom Engoren, is available to communicate with our customers.

Purchasing wholesale toilet tissue in Chicago will make a big difference in your bottom line. Learn more by giving us a call at 708-216-0000 or filling out an online submission form .