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Janitorial Floor Equipment / Floor Machines: Chicago

Janitorial Floor Machines

Standard mops and brooms are suitable for small areas and basic floor care, but a floor machine would be your most productive option when it comes to frequent and intensive floor care.

By purchasing professional floor machines for your company, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and labor while increasing overall efficiency and cleanliness throughout your office, school or other facility. Out of all the places you might search, Seaway Supply Co. will offer a blend of superior quality, personalization and quick service.

Supplies Equipment Lines

Advance Nilfisk logo

The Advance brand (Nilfisk-Advance Group), is a world supplier of professional commercial floor cleaning equipment.

Viper Equipment Logo

Viper offers floor maintenance equipment including scrubbers, carpet extractors, vacuums, air movers, buffers, burnishers & spotters.

Hruby Orbital logo

HOS (Hruby Orbital Systems) / ORBOT manufactures orbital floor cleaning machines and supplies.

Porw-Flite logo

Powr-Flite provides commercial floor care equipment: scrubbers, burnishers, blowers, vacuums, and sweepers.

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Tornado logo

Commercial cleaning equipment from Tornado includes vacuums, air, electric, floor machines, automatics & carpet care.

Sandia logo

Sandia Products manufactures innovative, high-quality janitorial equipment including air movers, vacuums, extractors, flood pumps.

NSS logo

Since 1911, NSS Enterprises, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions.


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Trust Seaway Supply Co. for Janitorial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Circumstances and requirements will vary from case to case, which is why Seaway Supply Co. carries an extensive line of floor machines and other janitorial equipment to satisfy every customer.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we offer you reputable brands like Advance and NSS, while utilizing extensive industry knowledge when giving you recommendations. This equipment has some of the best warranties in the industry. We also provide modern necessities like quick, hassle-free shipping to support our clients through our centrally located Maywood warehouse, which measures more than 30,000 square feet.

With possible free, fast shipping rates within a 45-mile radius, you’ll receive your needed janitorial equipment without experiencing delays or frustrations.

Finding the Right Equipment for the Job

Whether you are cleaning stubborn tile or soiled carpet, we’ll tailor your order as necessary to facilitate optimum cleanliness.

We provide Nilfisk Advance floor scrubbers for sale in Chicago to offer a more efficient floor cleaning for large areas than the traditional practice of using a mop. Our various models of walk-behind scrubbers reduce employee labor and fatigue while ensuring a cleaner, more even finish. The Orbot floor scrubbers we have for sale offer excellent results, using cutting-edge orbital technology with minimized moisture use to maximize quick dry times.

If carpet cleaning is necessary, the Sandia line of carpet extractors fit the bill. Sandia focuses primarily on carpets, giving their extractors an edge when removing stains and other types of lingering soil.

Price points and technology will vary, but our commitment to excellence remains steady. From Sandia carpet extractors to Advance floor scrubbers and more, no request is too large.

The Seaway Supply Co. Difference

We’ve mentioned our focus on top-tier client relationships and modernized shipping services, but it’s our dedication to established values that ultimately separates us from competitors. We’ve existed for more than 50 years, and through that time, honesty, hard work and intuitiveness have remained consistent. Of course, we benefit from employees who have decades of experience and technical savviness, too.

We’re well-equipped to answer your questions, offer-in depth advice on products and implement technical assistance whenever necessary. With readily available technicians, we provide maintenance and repairs, thus expanding the scope of our services beyond what many other distributors typically offer. When repairing your equipment, we like to be completely transparent with you while running diagnostics and ordering the essential parts. We will always ask for your approval before making any decisions that could affect the price of the repair.

Contact Us to Order Your Custodial Floor Machines in Chicago

We’ll remain available for you whenever the need for equipment is needed. Get started today by calling at 708-216-0000 or filling out an online submission form.